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Refreshing your workplace culture in 2022

The rise in hybrid working means building a strong workplace culture is even more critical in 2022. In this blog post we share our top tips for refreshing and strengthening your culture – whether your staff are in the office or at home.

Visible leadership

Office culture is not the responsibility of just one person, but teams will naturally look to people in a leadership role and take their cultural cues from them. In a hybrid setting, leaders don’t have the same natural opportunities to share these cues that they had before. They will therefore need to be proactive about finding opportunities to engage with their teams.

Different solutions will work for different teams – but here are some ideas you could try to build and reinforce your culture:

Team gatherings
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Meeting protocols

It might seem like a small thing, but how many times have you thought ‘this meeting could be an email’. Meeting fatigue is real and can negatively impact a company’s culture. In fact, low meeting engagement is one of the top three warning signs your remote culture isn’t working. Help beat this by developing efficient protocols for meetings that set expectations for the entire business:

Meeting room design

Staff onboarding

The competition to recruit talented people is fierce at the moment. Culture and fit will be big factors for new hires when selecting a company to work for – so make sure you put your culture at the forefront of your recruitment. This is particularly important if your recruitment process is taking place online as potential employees won’t get to ‘feel’ the office culture for themselves by visiting.

Once you’ve recruited, developing an onboarding process that introduces your workplace culture and integrates new staff is essential:

Collaborative workplace

Key takeaway

In a nutshell, culture is key! And as the world of work changes, it’s never been so important. Prioritise your workplace culture in 2022 and try our top tips for improved recruitment, retention and employee happiness.

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