Top 5 Tips for Your Office Interior Design

Top 5 Tips for Your Office Interior Design

Is the way your office looks really that important? When it comes to business success isn’t it more about attracting the right type of clients and ensuring profit growth on an annual basis? Well yes, those things are important, of course.

But even more crucial to your potential ‘sector take-over’ is your employees. How do they feel about coming in to work most days?  If it’s motivated and enthusiastic you’re onto a winner. If it’s bored, reluctant and frankly they’re only going in for the money, then it’s definitely time to explore ways in which to re-engage with your people.  A fresh Office Design is one of the best places to start.

Here’s a handful of easy and quick tips to brighten things up around the place and make your employees keen to get started every morning:

  1. Always have a quite place where people can go to think, meditate, relax and de-stress.  It’s the ideal way to take your mind of your work, before returning in a more energised, productive state of mind.
  2. Invest in ergonomic furniture. Not only will your employees appreciate the added comfort this will bring them, but it means they’ll also be able to work for longer periods of time – and suffer fewer days off through back problems and headaches. You could even take this a step further by approaching a nearby gym and asking for staff discounts; or if your budget allows, build one in your office.
  3. What does your workplace smell like? Our senses can have a powerful effect on our emotions.  Carefully positioning a few diffusers, as well as some fragrant plants and flowers enhance the sensory perceptions of visitors and staff alike.  Greenery, and natural plants and flowers also provide a stunning visual backdrop.
  4. Provide plenty of storage space so that staff can keep their desks tidy – and the rest of the office clutter free.  One of the latest office trends is for open storage units to act as zonal dividers between defined spaces within the office.
  5. Go heavy on workplace branding – but have fun with it too. Paint a picture of your logo on the wall or have it printed onto the carpet or flooring, include it on stationery and office equipment. A strong brand identity gives employees more of a feeling of ‘belonging’ to your company.

For more hints on tips on how to improve the look and feel of your office then get in touch with the team here at Opus4.

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