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Finance Your Project

Companies often overlook the fact that fit out and refurbishment projects can be financed. As with other assets which depreciate over time, such as company vehicles and office equipment, it can be prudent to use asset finance and spread the cost into affordable monthly payments.

Our finance partners provide access to more than 40 banks and specialist funders, many of whom you could not approach directly, to make sure you get the most competitive rates. It’s possible to finance projects as low as £1,000 and more than £1m in value.

Many of the FTSE 100 companies use asset finance and other leasing options to procure their workspace requirements.   It’s the ideal way to spread the cost of the project over the duration of a lease cycle and allows businesses to free up working capital for other important expenses.  By spreading the cost of the project over time, it allows businesses to consider certain products or design features which have an intrinsic value of improving staff wellbeing or attracting talent, but which may have been unaffordable as an up-front cost.

The Benefits of Financing Your Project

  • Spread Costs Over Time – Aligning costs to the return on investment for ultimately depreciating assets is an extremely powerful alternative to paying, in full, upfront.
  • Tax Benefits – The lease (including interest) is effectively 100% tax deductible, typically making leasing significantly more cost effective than using capital. We can offer a Hire Purchase or a Finance Lease facility.
  • Low, Fixed Costs – Costs are fixed for the duration of the agreement from the outset irrespective of changes to interest rates.
  • VAT Treatment – Leasing allows the business to also spread the VAT across the term along with the capital (unless a Hire Purchase agreement is used)
  • Retain Capital – Leasing removes the upfront drain on capital associated with interior projects.
  • Reduce Risk – Existing credit lines and banking facilities remain untouched, reducing the reliance on current finance providers.
  • Turnkey Funding – The finance can be structured to include all of the project costs including all of the intangible costs.

If you’d like to learn more about financing a forthcoming project, get in touch.

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