Improve Your Company Culture With An Office Refurbishment

Improve Your Company Culture With An Office Refurbishment

Company culture is increasingly becoming one of the most important factors when creating a successful business. From small businesses to large organisations, employers must take the time to create a workplace that will not only retain the valuable staff they have, but attract new talent as well.

At Opus4, we’re passionate about creating people-focused, technology driven workplaces which not only reflect your cultural identity, but give you a guaranteed return on your financial investment.  


Refurbishing your office presents you with an opportunity to appraise not just the physical space you occupy, but the health and wellbeing of your employees.  The relationship between the workplace and those who inhabit it, should be inextricably linked.   

Its no secret that if an employee is happy, they work more productively.  We help business owners create work environments which motivate their staff and make their work life a pleasurable experience.  A vibrant, invigorating office environment is the starting point for a company culture policy, designed at motivating and rewarding workers for their effort.  


Business owners who are looking to develop their culture by refurbishing their office are often caught in a maelstrom of confusing workplace concepts.   Whether it’s industry jargon (agile and co-working, touchdown space, acoustic pods, the C-suite, zonal working) or ideas trickled down from tech companies like Google (slides between floors, ping pong tables, arcade machines), business owners can be forgiven for thinking they would be creating a playground rather than a productive workspace.

Opus4 operates a slide-free policy!   We approach every fit out and refurbishment with a blank piece of paper.  A culture-friendly workplace has to be built solely with the needs of the workforce in mind, and experience tells us every single business is unique.  We are yet to find a company who would truly benefit from having a slide and ball pool installed as a means for travelling between floors and we’re fairly confident that won’t change.


Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd’s of London says: “Reinventing the workplace will reap benefits beyond happy staff.”  But creating the right space is just the beginning.

Having a defined culture policy which focuses on the happiness and wellbeing of employees, is the best way of attracting and retaining talent.    Manchester based UKFast, is a leading managed hosting company which has embraced the importance of workplace culture and reaped the benefits.

The fast-growing tech business has regularly featured in the ‘UK’s Best 100 Companies’ lists and won awards in the ‘UK’s Best Places To Work’ survey.   Founder and CEO, Lawrence Jones MBE, has worked hard to develop a community feel throughout the company.   He installed a creche, enabling staff to take time out to see their children during the working day, helping to address the difficult work-life balance. The office also features an on-site learning campus, with every employee encouraged to undertake and kind of training or higher learning they feel will improve their personal development.    

There’s an on-site gym facility, which helps staff avoid costly gym memberships and a variety of sports teams to join.  Fresh fruit is offered to all staff.  Socially, there’s an on-site bar and employees are often rewarded with ski trips to the firm’s Swiss ski hotel.

Not every business will be able to take their culture policy to such extraordinary levels, but it demonstrates how looking after your staff’s social, health and wellness needs can reap incredible results.

Contact our team at Opus4 today to find out more about how our fit out and refurbishment packages can be the first step in a new approach to developing your business culture.

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