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Who We Are

Opus4 is an award-winning provider of design and build workspace solutions.

We help companies throughout the UK, who are looking to refurbish their existing office space or relocate to new premises. We combine a multitude of disciplines into one central source, to create great places for our customers to work. We are office designers, planners, estimators, surveyors, project managers, installers, engineers, furniture and soft furnishings experts. We bring the design and build skillsets together to deliver beautifully crafted workspaces which are tailored to the precise requirements of each and every client.


It’s been a pleasure to work with them because nothing is too much trouble

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What We Do

We create people-focused office designs which can be benchmarked to give you a tangible return on your investment.  We can show you that, when designed and implemented correctly, your workplace isn’t an unnecessary overhead.  It’s a powerful tool that drives the success and culture of your whole business.

Our people-centric model can benefit your business in three key areas:

Attract & Retain Talent

Recruitment is one of the biggest overheads and headaches faced by many employers. In their 2017 ‘What Workers Want’ Survey, Hays revealed that more than one third of all UK workers are unhappy in their current roles and nearly two thirds would be prepared to take a pay cut to work for a company which has a better cultural fit. This has brought fluidity to the UK marketplace with workers being far more likely to move on, with the most talented people targeted by competitors.

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Attract & Increase Productivity

Britain suffers from one of the worst productivity records in the G7. According to the Office for National Statistics, output per hours worked in the UK was a massive 18 percentage points below the average for the other six members of the G7. The evolving office landscape is being seen as a key driver in combating these figures.

According to The Stoddart Review, creating an effective workplace can boost productivity by as much as 3.5%.  The Review has found that the more successful companies are those that view the workplace ‘in terms of its value to the business rather than cost’ and ‘which measure the impact that workspace has on their people and their outputs’.

This has led to a massive change in workplace design, with a convergence of ideas from other sectors. Coffee shop culture and influences from university campuses, hotels and bars have all played a major role in transforming the appearance of the humble, open-plan office. Other trends, such as biophilia – which focuses on bringing elements of nature and green space into the office environment – are changing the way we think about office design.

Our people-focused office designs create the perfect environment for employees to work productively.

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Attract & Establish Competitive Advantage

Our workplaces aren’t just overheads for our customers. They can actually help to generate revenue. Not only do they make your workforce more productive, they give you a leading edge over competitors in your marketplace.

When pitching for new business, the vast majority of bidders will find themselves in a position where the client wants to visit their offices as part of the diligence process. As soon as they walk through your door, they are judging you and comparing their visitor experience with that of your competitors. A well-designed workplace, with a dynamic, happy workforce, projects the right message to clients. They are more likely to partner with a business which looks professional, progressive and happy in what they do.

Your Journey

Your Journey

Opus4 is an award-winning provider of design and build workspace solutions. Find out how they do it.

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