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Looking after your employees and promoting a happy workplace culture

Looking after your employees and promoting a happy workplace culture

Looking after your employee’s mental wellbeing is key to promoting a happy workplace culture.  If your employees are happy at work, the workplace environment will be a pleasant and positive place to be, and employees will be more productive.  

Here are some steps you can take to ensure you are looking after your employee’s wellbeing and promoting a happy workplace culture:

Set aside time

It’s important to make time for each individual to see how they are and how they are getting on with work related tasks. This could be a monthly meeting with each employee, this way the person knows they have regular opportunities to raise any questions or concerns in a more private environment. Also, set aside time for the whole team. This could be done every couple of weeks by something as simple as team lunches, or setting up a buffet breakfast in the office on a Friday as a treat. During this time, employees can bond and catch-up with each other.

Create agile workspaces

An agile workplace is all about encouraging employees to feel motivated and inspired by their working environment. An agile working environment gives employees the freedom and flexibly to work in different areas of the office. One area could encourage creativity and be the perfect place for brainstorming sessions to take place. Another space could have a calming atmosphere which employees can use to concentrate on important tasks or collect their thoughts on a project. The benefits of an agile working environment are likely to be two-fold; increased productivity and a more positive employee experience.

Create the right environment

Agile workspaces can have a hugely positive influence on workplace culture, but so can subtle improvements to workplace the environment, such as the lighting of a room, the temperature of the office, plant life and the atmosphere. If a room is dark with little natural light this may project onto the employee’s mood. If the temperature is too hot or too cold employees may feel unsettled and uncomfortable.

Reward employees

It’s important to recognise employees for their hard work, this way they will be reminded that they are appreciated and valued. These don’t have to be big grandiose gestures, it could be as simple as treating the employee to a premium coffee to start their day or gift vouchers. If the whole team has contributed to a project, then taking them out for lunch or treating them to a team day out (perhaps without the boss!) could be a thoughtful gesture. When employees know their work is valued this will motivate them to continue with their hard work.

Ask questions

Make sure employee wellbeing is always at the forefront of the business’s mind. Ask employees how they are, do they need anything to make their job easier, are they happy with their workspace set-up? Something as simple as providing them with an ergonomic chair to ease a bad back or neck can go a long way to making them feel appreciated. These are questions that will reassure the workforce that the business genuinely cares about their wellbeing and their needs are being considered.

Make sure employees know they can talk

Make sure that employees feel comfortable enough to talk about any concerns they have, especially work-related ones. If an employee has work-related concerns or anxieties this could make coming into work a negative experience, ensuring they know they can raise their concerns at any time will make them feel more comfortable in the workplace.

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