Converting An Industrial Unit Or Warehouse To Office Space

The benefits of converting an industrial unit to office space

The benefits of converting an industrial unit to office space

As businesses look to the year ahead, many are looking critically at whether their existing office meets their needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of converting an industrial unit or warehouse into an office environment.

The changing business landscape, coupled with the rise in popularity of hybrid working, has led many companies to reassess what they need from an office space. Perhaps you pivoted your business during Covid and your operations no longer look like they once did. Or maybe your office just isn’t set up for hybrid working and you don’t want to lose employees to your competitors. Whatever your reason for considering a change to your space, converting an industrial unit or warehouse into an office could be a great option for your business. Here’s why: 


Perhaps the biggest benefit of converting an industrial unit is its flexibility. Industrial units tend to be blank canvases with simple floor plans that are easier to modify than standard office buildings. This customisable space provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with your office fitout!

While this flexibility sounds great to some, it may seem like an overwhelming task to others at first glance. But don’t be put off. Working with a blank canvas, you’ll have much more input and control over your office layout, design and finishes. You can also make sure that the space is truly reflective of your unique office culture and meets the specific needs of your business. If you’re still feeling nervous, don’t worry. An experienced office design and fitout company will be able to guide you through the journey and help you create the office of your dreams.


Another key benefit of converting an industrial unit to an office space is location. Industrial units are often found on the outskirts of cities and towns meaning you get the benefits of being near a major business/employment hub without the city centre price tag.

Industrial units also tend to come with some degree of external parking which you won’t usually see in city or town centres. If your unit doesn’t have parking, being on the outskirts of a key business location means there will likely be good public transport links. This is great as it means employees and clients can travel to the office easily – and it’s better for the environment too.


Converting an industrial unit into office space can be more cost effective than you might think. Whether you buy or rent your office space, research shows the cost per square foot for an industrial unit or warehouse is usually less than a purpose-built office building.

Depending on the location, the quality of the building, and any bundled services, warehouse and industrial unit rentals range from £6.50 to £15 per sq. ft., while purpose built office space can cost anywhere from £18 to £50 sq. ft.  Your business rates could be cheaper too!

Industrial units and warehouses could provide the opportunity to generate income too. As they tend to be quite large there may be the opportunity to create a rentable space, if you don’t need the whole area. Mezzanine floors can be a great way to do this – there’s more info on this below.

Converting An Industrial Unit Or Warehouse To Office Space

Specific design features

Alongside the other benefits, industrial units and warehouses also have lots of design features which make them a great alternative to a purpose-built office building. These include:

Next Steps

If you already occupy a unit you are looking to adapt, or once you have found your ideal unit, a reputable office design and fit out company can help you explore your options, providing advice on layout, mezzanine floors, design and more.

Take a look at this recent warehouse to office project we completed for Yorkshire Stianless Ltd or click to watch the video below. The directors wanted modern hybrid offices in the same building as their storage and logistics operations.

If you have a project in mind, please get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help you bring it to life.

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