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What makes the perfect office?

Most of us will spend many years working in an office environment and will no doubt experience good and bad office design. But is there such thing as the perfect office? In this blog post we discuss the things that make an office great.

Perfectly unique office design

A quick Google will bring up thousands of articles all claiming they have the recipe for the perfect office. Some claim that open plan is best. Others wax lyrical about the benefits of separate spaces and rooms. Some enthuse about bright, colourful wall art. Others say to keep it muted. So, who is right? Well, all of them! 

Ultimately, we’d argue that there’s no such thing as a perfect office ‘standard’ as the needs of different organisations will vary significantly. What’s perfect for one business will not be perfect for another. Office design should reflect the unique nature and culture of an organisation. If your business needs collaboration to be at its best then a colourful, open plan space might be just the ticket. Want to create a calm office environment for quiet work? Closed plan spaces in muted tones could be just the thing for you.

Office designed with muted tones

Office essentials

Natural features

Natural light has been proven to boost our mood and improve health. Couple that with access to fresh air and you’re onto a wellbeing winner. If you can, station desks and other workspaces next to a window. If this isn’t an option, you may need to mimic these natural features. Including a variety of different light sources in a room and a focus on biophilic design can make a big difference.


In the age of digital, a reliable internet connection and easy access to systems is essential. Even companies that conduct most of their business offline will still need to access the internet occasionally. There’s nothing more frustrating for employees than poor connectivity – so make this a priority in any office design plans. 

 Ergonomic furniture

A decent workstation set up is essential to productivity and employee health and wellbeing. Fully adjustable desks, chairs and other equipment should be offered as standard, and staff should be supported to set these up properly to provide maximum support. Prioritise good quality, supportive chairs with arms and lumbar support to make sure your teams are comfortable all day.

Colourful and fun office fitout

How to create your perfect office

The perfect office design might not be out there – but your perfect office design certainly is!

To create the perfect office for your organisation, the first thing you’ll want to do is talk to your staff. Ask them about their specific needs – and, where you can, take on board their wants too.

Next, you’ll want to look ahead to the future and think about how your business and workforce might grow and change. Any office design and fit out plans should give you what you need now, but also take into account any future requirements.

While you’ll want your office space to be unique to your business, taking a look at other offices can provide helpful inspiration. View our recent projects and browse the internet to see what’s possible. You might be able to implement features you’d never even considered!

Finally, you’ll want to engage an office design and build specialist to discuss your ideas. They’ll be able to help you scope out your project in more detail and offer advice on budgets, timescales and more. Why not get in touch with us to see if we’re the right fit for your business? We’d love to help you design and build your perfect space.

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