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Cat A & Cat B Office Fit Out

We cut through the confusion and cover the differences between each of these terms and leave you with a much better understanding of what level of office fit out you need from a company like ourselves.

A fit out relates to the process of making an interior space suitable for occupation. It is the end-to-end process of transforming a building’s concrete shell into a habitable working environment. A fit out includes the electrical, mechanical, decoration and furnishing of a space.

In many cases, a developer or landlord will complete the base construction of an interior space which is referred to as a CAT A. It’s then passed to the occupant who will more than likely appoint an expert in office interiors, such as Opus4, to complete the final fit-out that’s tailored to their requirements which in the world of commercial office design is called a CAT B. Below we determine the differences between each type of office fit-out

As office design and build specialists, we are able to deliver both Cat A and Cat B office fit out projects

CAT A Office Fit Out

CAT A spaces, refers to a basic level of fit-out from a landlord that gives the occupant a blank canvas for their office space. Although there is no standard definition for this type of fit-out, a CAT A fit-out will have a floor and walls finished to a basic standard.

CAT A Office Fit Out includes:

  • Raised floors
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Installation of the buildings mechanical and electrical services
  • Fire detection and protection services
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation units
  • Internal surface finishes
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CAT B Office Fit Out

A CAT B Office fit-out is designed and installed to the specific requirements of the occupier. The best fit-outs should reflect an organisation’s culture, ethos and behaviour. It will be designed to ensure the inhabitants perform to their optimum levels, combining happiness with productivity.

CAT B is the type of fit-out that most will usually require. This provides a space where the occupant can simply move into a fully functioning working environment and ensure a suitable office fit for a workforce, this further helps with attracting and retaining talent.

CAT B Fit Out tends to include:

  • Design & branding detail
  • Private office spaces
  • Hybrid working facilities
  • Conference rooms & boardroom design
  • Collaborative working & breakout areas
  • Kitchen & dining facilities
  • Recreational areas
  • Carpeting
  • Office furniture
  • Doors & partitions including glass manifestations
  • Lighting
  • IT installation & infrastructure
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CAT B-Shell & Core

Shell & Core

Shell and Core is the completed outer framework of a building. Think of its concrete and metal space like the bare bones. From the outside, the building may look completed but inside the office space is yet to be installed.

The developer usually provides the Shell and Core which comprises of office structure, external works and completed common areas such as basements, staircases, reception areas, lift shafts, loading bays and toilets. Shell and Core will not comprise of any lighting or facilities.

We work closely with our clients to provide and carry out both CAT A and CAT B office fit outs. From relocation to refurbishing, we’re happy to hear and help you with your design requirements. For some initial inspiration why not take a look at our Projects, or if you know what you want contact us today.

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