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Covid-19 Return To Work

Helping You Get Safely Back to Work with New Ways of Working

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) will affect the way many businesses operate for the foreseeable future, and the wellbeing, health and safety of employees should be the priority in any office re-opening plans.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean a complete re-design and build of your office or workspace.

With our Covid-19 Space Planning & Design service, we can provide flexible and cost-effective solutions that will enable you to optimise your existing space to effectively implement social distancing measures for your staff, ensuring they can return to work feeling safe and secure… without significant investment.

Covid 19 Space Planning

A Return To Work Road Map

Our Covid-19 Planning & Return To Work services include, but are not limited to:

  • Covid-19 Space & Capacity Planning (Capacity Overlay)
  • Phased Re-Occupancy Roadmap Planning
  • Visual Cues & Signage
  • Agile & Flexible Workspaces
  • Adaptable Furniture Solutions
  • New Hygiene Solutions
  • Maintaining Office Culture
  • Adaptable Furniture Solutions

Covid-19 Space & Capacity Planning (Capacity Overlay)

The number of spaces you have available can be used to determine the number of people you can accommodate once the workforce begins to return.

We will visit your office and carry out a survey of your existing space to determine how to optimise your space for social distancing. We then produce a floor plan of your workspace, identifying areas and workstations that can be occupied whilst ensuring a social distance of 2 meters between users is maintained.

Covid19 screen Protection

Phased Re-Occupancy Roadmap Planning

For most, bringing the entire workforce back on day one is simply not safe. We can provide guidance on how to bring people back to the office through a mix of remote working and the adaption of existing spaces.

Maintaining Office Culture

Maintaining the symbiotic relationship between the place of work (wherever that may be) and employee wellbeing will be crucial.

Creating a harmonious work environment, based on safety, confidence, trust, values, teamwork and honesty lays the foundation for a happy workforce and a positive company culture.

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